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Personal AI for companies • 100% GDPR compliant

11/20/20232 min read
Screenshots of the winkk AI software

winkk AI is our company’s first own product - an artificial intelligence that supports companies in optimising their daily tasks. It acts as a personal AI employee that is designed to quickly provide answers and information from a company’s documents. Through the integration of websites, documentation and internal wikis winkk AI’s knowledge base is expanded, enabling deeper, more specific interaction.

Use cases of winkk AI

Your personal artificial intelligence can be used in a variety of use cases. Here are some examples:

  • Search for information: winkk AI can search through a company’s documents and find the right document or text-part in seconds.
  • Create text: Letters, invitations, job adverts or any type of text can be created with less effort.
  • Respond to daily emails: Can quickly & easily assist with support requests, questions about your company and more.
  • Analysing customers: By providing knowledge such as your customers’ websites and internal documentation, customer analyses can be easily performed.
  • Comparison of data: winkk AI can quickly compare and analyse internal data, product manuals, data evaluations or information about customers.

In addition to these use cases, your personal AI can support you with very company-specific use cases. winkk AI knows no boundaries.

Data privacy and security

winkk AI is built on the highest level of data protection foundations and certifications available in the industry. The software is operated in Europe and is of course GDPR-compliant. All data is stored and encrypted in Microsoft data centres. In contrast to ChatGPT, this artificial intelligence enables save communication with internal, highly sensitive company data. With ChatGPT, data is stored to further develop the model in order to improve the service; this is not the case with winkk AI.


winkk AI is a powerful and GDPR-compliant AI solution that can handle a variety of tasks, from searching for information to create replies for support emails. With the ability to access company documents, it can be an effective and efficient helper for many everyday tasks. winkk AI is therefore a valuable addition for any company that wants to increase the efficiency and satisfaction of its employees.

As artificial intelligence is still uncharted territory for many companies, we offer a free trial version. Just test it for free here: or learn more about our pricing and the product here:

fyi: This case study was generated with winkk AI in just a few seconds.

Hannes Wolfmayr

Hannes Wolfmayr

Co-founder and UIUX designer at winkk.