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Bauernbund OÖ

The future of agriculture in the digital age

1/1/20243 min read
Bauernbund OÖ app screenshots

As a representative and promoter of agricultural interests, the Farmers’ Union of Upper Austria (Bauernbund OÖ) has always been committed to innovation and supporting its members. In cooperation with winkk GmbH, the Bauernbund is now undergoing a digital transformation with the launch of the Bauernbund Oberösterreich app, which builds a bridge between traditional agriculture and modern technologies.

Insights into the Bauernbund OÖ App

In an era where the digitalization of certain processes is not just a convenience, but a necessity, the Bauernbund Oberösterreich app offers farmers and interested parties a platform where they can access important information, services and community networks - all from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

Feature overview

  1. Voucher collection: Vouchers can be redeemed via the app on your smartphone, giving you direct access to exclusive offers.
  2. Active participation in member surveys: Members have the opportunity to help shape the future of the Farmers’ Union by taking part in surveys.
  3. Consume local farmers news: The app ensures that users have access to the latest news and events from the Farmers’ Union of Upper Austria at all times.
  4. Digital membership card: The digital membership card in the app offers access to special benefits.
  5. Offline access to the Bauernzeitung / ePaper-Reader: The Bauernzeitung is also available via the app without an internet connection, so users can read the latest issue offline.
  6. Always stay informed: Notifications about important news are provided by the app to keep users constantly up to date.

Bauernbund OÖ x winkk

The partnership between Bauernbund OÖ and winkk GmbH is a significant milestone that lays the foundations for a successful digital future for agriculture. The app is designed to connect the members of the Farmers’ Union, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources and at the same time address new, technology-savvy target groups.

Technological background

For the development of the Bauernbund OÖ app, we used the cross-plattform technology Flutter, which guarantees a consistent and high-quality user experience across different operating systems.

Concluding thoughts

The Bauernbund OÖ app represents the progress and adaptability of the agricultural community to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. It combines proven traditions with innovative solutions and shows how the Farmers’ Union of Upper Austria is actively shaping the future of agriculture in order to meet the needs of its members and at the same time make the sector attractive for future generations. The continuous further development of the app will ensure that it remains a central tool in the everyday lives of farmers.

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Selina Fuchs

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