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Das wichtigste des Tages - aktuell informiert

2/4/20243 min read
OÖNachrichten app screenshots

Tradition meets modernity: OÖNachrichten, an established media company, has its roots in a long-standing tradition of quality reporting. Thanks to the close cooperation with winkk GmbH, the company was able to take a decisive step into the future with the relaunch of the OÖNachrichten app and now offers its readers a modern platform that brings quality journalism into the digital age.

A look at the OÖNachrichten app

In a world where information flows in real time and access to news is more important than ever before, the OÖNachrichten app has revolutionised regional news consumption. For residents of Upper Austria and anyone interested in the region, the app provides a trusted source of news and information directly on their smartphone or tablet.

Features that impress

  1. User-friendliness: The app is intuitively designed so that users can access the content they want quickly and easily.
  2. Personalisation: readers can follow their favourite authors and get a personalised overview of the articles that interest them the most.
  3. Multimedia content: An extensive media library offers videos, image galleries and podcasts that enrich the reading experience.
  4. ePaper: The digital version of the printed newspaper is available including all regional editions and supplements and offers readers the opportunity to read the newspaper the evening before.
  5. Dark mode and font customisation: These functions ensure eye-friendly reading at any time of day.

OÖNachrichten x winkk: The collaboration

The collaboration between OÖNachrichten and winkk GmbH was launched with great enthusiasm in January 2023 and culminated in the successful release of the app on 13 February 2024. The response to the OÖNachrichten app was overwhelmingly positive, which underlines the importance of the partnership. The app has not only strengthened reader loyalty, but also reached new target groups, especially a younger generation that favours a modern and interactive way of consuming news. The successful collaboration is proof that the combination of local expertise and technological innovation can lead to outstanding products.

Technology that inspires

The OÖNachrichten app was developed using Flutter, a modern technology that makes it possible to operate both Android and iOS operating systems with a single code base. This optimises the app for all smartphone and tablet devices and ensures that all users have the best possible experience.

Concluding thoughts

The OÖNachrichten app is more than just a news source: with its user-friendly interface, personalised content and multimedia orientation, the app sets new standards in regional news consumption. The OÖNachrichten app is a prime example of how traditional media can successfully make the leap into the digital world. This transition not only does justice to existing users, but also specifically attracts a younger generation that favours digital platforms and thus embodies the future of news consumption. Continuous development and optimisation of the app is planned to ensure an optimal experience at all times and to meet the needs of readers in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Download the OÖNachrichten app now and stay informed about what’s happening in Upper Austria!

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:önachrichten/id568036903

Selina Fuchs

Selina Fuchs

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